Frontline healthare workers

Slowing the spread
of disease through nationwide mobile  medical services
and staffing

Visit's mission is to help slow the spread of disease by providing our clients with rapid response medical solutions.

Medical solutions

With a current focus on COVID-19 vaccination and testing services


With government entities, schools, and private companies

Skilled Workforce

In healthcare, logistic, communication, and operations roles

Rapid response

With the ability to manage large-scale and mobile projects across the U.S.

States where Visit has projects

Projects include:

  • Community vaccination and testing sites

  • Partnerships with cities, counties, and states

  • Private testing and vaccination sites for production companies, schools, and businesses


Think About This

"Now is the time, if there ever was one, for us to care selflessly about one another."

Dr. Anthony Fauci - United States Chief Medical Officer



Through our nationwide database of healthcare professionals, ownership in and long-standing relationships with laboratories across the county, and access to PPE and equipment as a medical device importer, we are well-equipped to provide qualified staff, operations expertise, inclusive communication, and medical oversight for all our projects across the U.S. 

Visit Healthcare Partners