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VisitLabs is an M/WBE member of the Visit Health group of companies. With more than 50 CLIA-certified, high-complexity laboratory partners across the U.S., as well as labs owned directly by the group, VisitLabs' focus is to provide diagnostic laboratory services for public and private companies as well as local, state, and federal entities.

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Rapid results + reporting

We partner with laboratories and shipping services across the country, ensuring that wherever you are located, your samples will be received and tested quickly, with results regularly returned within the same day.

Map of US indicating which states our lab partners are based

Alaine Diagnostic, NJ | Alaine Diagnostic, TX | Andor Labs, NC ARCPoint Labs, AZ | Beechtree Labs, AK | Beechtree Labs, UT BioCept, CA | Blue Ocean Lab, GA | Cedar Creek/TruFit Labs, OK

Clinical Enterprise, MA | Core Bio, OH | Genesis Reference Lab, FL

Med Comp Labs, LA | Oxygen Labs, GA | Southwest Labs, NM

Target DX, CA | UDL, CA | Visigene, IL

Lab workers performing testing
Lab worker scanning sample into database

Testing and Services


PCR Molecular Testing

Covid-19 Panel with Variant Detection

GI Panel • Nail Pathogen Panel • Respiratory Pathogen Panel • Urinary Tract Infection Panel Women’s Health Panel • Wound Pathogen Panel


Antibiotic Resistant Genes (ABR)


Neutralizing Antibody Testing


Wastewater RNA Surveillance




Bladder Health

FISH • Urine Cytology (Bladder Cancer)



Cancer • Cardiac • Psych • Comprehensive Panels

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